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What to Look For When Hiring Licensed Electrical Contractor

About AK Electric AK Electric Licensed Electrical Contractor in Metro-Chicago delivers best-in-class electrical solutions for forward-thinking commercial, industrial and eclectic residential customers. We offer integrated services from a single source – from consulting to design, implementation and lifetime customer service.

Licensed Electrical Contractor work in Metro-Chicago

Are you looking for a dependable, high-quality Licensed Electrical Contractor in Metro-Chicago for your home or business? AK Electric is willing, able and ready to meet a new challenge.

  • Proper licensing and certification
  • Sufficient insurance
  • Professionalism
  • Positive reviews
  • Clear, easily understood information

Contact the certified specialists at AK Electric today to make your appointment!


We have the knowledge and expertise to install and configure

  • commercial retail lighting
  • parking lot lighting
  • security lighting
  • sign lighting
  • 240–277 volt pole-mounted lights
  • electrical wiring and provide load testing
  • security cameras, surveillance and CCTV.

AK Electric electricians setup and maintain lighting for warehouses, retail outlets and stores, shopping centers and malls, medical facilities, government facilities, and business offices.

Our certified, licensed and skilled Foremen Electricians provide efficient service. Our overhead is low, our services are reasonably priced and our work is guaranteed.

We offer a dedicated Project Management solution for long-term new construction projects.

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Is Parking Lot Lightning Safety Important to You?

Parking Lot Lights – Illuminate and Improve Safety with AK Electric.

The parking lot is the beginning of your customer’s experience.  Safe, secure, aesthetically pleasing well-lit parking lot will ensure that customers will stop and shop at your location. 

If your business is Metro Chicago-based and requires to install or upgrade parking lot lighting, reach out to us for a solution.

AK Electric, Inc. Metro Chicago Based Licensed Electrician and Construction Trained Electricians will efficiently service & repair parking lights of any kind with no disruption to your daily business activities.

  • Outdoor Post and Pole Lighting Install and Repair
  • Pedestrian & Walkway Lighting Install and Repair
  • Battery Backup Lighting

    parking lot lights by Licensed Electrician Metro Chicago

    Safe, secure, aesthetically pleasing well-lit parking lots lights installed by local electrical contractor

  • Parking Lot and Parking Structure New Construction Lightning
  • Parking Security Camera Installation and Maintenance
  • LED Energy Efficient Lamp & Ballast Replacements
  • Outdoor Solar Lights and Safety School Zone Sings
  • Building Wall-Pack Lights for Security or Aesthetics
  • Electrical Retrofit for Energy Savings
  • Exit and Security Lightning

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